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Our Work

What We Do

We support diverse projects, voices, and talents that reshape how Iranians connect with their culture and each other.

We invite you to explore the dynamic initiatives that are propelling our mission to champion a flourishing Iranian spirit.

Our Work


At Nimruz, our initiatives are built upon two foundational cornerstones: Art and Education. This focus guides our approach to celebrating our Iranian heritage and fostering solidarity within the global Iranian community.


We support diverse projects that preserve, share, and enhance Iranian culture in areas such as art, film, literature, media, music, and poetry.


We cultivate students and build their capacity and appreciation for a diverse and vibrant Iranian culture through educational programs and initiatives.

Our Work


Each initiative we support champions the enduring spirit of our culture and ideals to inspire a prosperous Iran and a global Iranian community united in diversity, heritage, and hope.


The Shahnameh, hamid rahmanian

Over the course of three years, the renowned filmmaker and graphic artist, Hamid Rahmanian, dedicated over 10,000 hours to crafting more than 500 visually stunning pages for a new adaptation of the Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings. As a cornerstone of Iran's cultural heritage and legacy, the Shahnameh echoes the country's profound richness and diversity.

This remarkable achievement, translated into English and initially published in 2013, has now reached its 7th edition. Beyond conveying the splendor of Persian mythology through art and storytelling, this initiative actively fosters a nuanced understanding and appreciation of Iran for diverse international audiences.

Our collaboration with Hamid Rahmanian exemplifies Nimruz's mission to support art that inspires positive change in the world. Nimruz has also backed Hamid in bringing the Epic of Persian Kings to life across various mediums, including shadow puppet theatre and pop-up books for younger audiences.


Keeping Children in School (KCIS)

Many elementary schools in Iran are understaffed and under-resourced, with a lack of proper support structures for students in remote and underserved regions who are inevitably left behind. To help mitigate this challenge, Nimruz is partnering with Keep Children in School (KCIS) to expand its Digital Literacy Program (Savad-D) to new regions in the country.

Through the Savad-D program, KCIS establishes centers in regions where educational resources are often scarce, providing children with the opportunity to attain literacy and eventually rejoin mainstream schooling. Typically targeting children aged 4-8, this program equips them with tablets running a localized version of OneBillion’s onecourse, an application with a proven track record of bridging literacy gaps.

This course has  has successfully imparted literacy skills to over 2,200 students in Iran's most underserved regions within just 12-18 months. Through this partnership with KCIS, Nimruz demonstrates its commitment to education at the grassroots level. By supporting marginalized and underserved communities today, Nimruz upholds its values of inclusivity, paving the way for the leaders of tomorrow.


the Parwiz Zafari Shahnameh Fund

Nimruz has established The Parwiz Zafari Shahnameh Fund, a scholarship aimed at supporting the endeavors of Bahram Beyzaie, an Iranian educator, playwright, and acclaimed filmmaker, in the domain of the Shahnameh and Iranian mythology.

Following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Beyzaie was confronted with government-imposed censorship and restrictions on his creative work. In 2010 he sought refuge at Stanford University, where he assumed the role of the Bita Daryabari Lecturer in Iranian Studies. Since then, Beyzaie's impact has been profound, leading workshops on Iranian mythology, staging plays, and teaching courses on Iranian theater and cinema. His journey stands as a testament to his enduring dedication to enriching both Iranian culture and the global artistic landscape.

Through The Parwiz Zafari Shahnameh Fund, Nimruz reinforces the preservation and exploration of Iranian heritage, mythology, and scholarly growth. Our commitment to this fund underscores our mission to advance knowledge and foster cultural awareness in the realm of Iranian studies.


Our Purpose

We believe in the power of art, activism and education to spark change, and we translate this belief into pragmatic steps that extend across Iran and the Iranian diaspora.

Gissou Nia

A passionate human rights lawyer, with a rich background as a leader at the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Hamid Rahmanian

A New York-based Iranian artist, seamlessly melds traditional Persian artistry with modern technology across cinema, graphic art, and shadow theater.

Shahin Najafi

A musician, singer, composer, poet, author, and activist whose impactful work addresses societal issues through a unique blend of artistry and advocacy.

Nazanin Nour

A dynamic Iranian-American actress, model, writer and activist amplifying global awareness of Iran’s protests and violence against its people.


A trailblazing rapper and producer, renowned for shaping Persian rap and making a notable mark in various creative fields including directing, photography, podcast production, and sustainable ventures.

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