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Nimruz is championing a flourishing Iranian spirit through art and education.

Our mission transcends borders, fostering solidarity and celebrating diversity across the global Iranian community.

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Our Vision & Purpose

We believe in the power of art and education to foster solidarity and celebrate diversity within the global Iranian community.

We envision a world where a diverse global Iranian community stands in solidarity, drawing strength from our shared tapestry of Iranian culture and heritage. Together, we nurture cultural healing and growth within our community.

At the core of our vision lies a profound belief in the power of art and education to inspire transformative change. These cornerstones are not just theoretical concepts, but pragmatic tools capable of reshaping narratives, dismantling oppressive systems, and nurturing a more inclusive society.

Through strategic initiatives that champion artists, educators, and scholars, Nimruz is actively working to make this vision a reality.


Sepanta mohseni, Co-founder

Sepanta mohseni,

Co-founder of Nimruz, Sepanta Mohseni, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for fostering solidarity and cultural healing within the Iranian community.

With a diverse educational background in economics and film, Sepanta combines analytical thinking with a creative perspective. His involvement in various Iranian-American spaces, including IAAB’s Camp Ayandeh, underscores his deep-rooted commitment to nurturing Iranian culture and advancing community development.

Sepanta's track record as a seasoned project manager, leading complex, multi-million dollar projects, demonstrates his ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders for project success.

Outside his professional pursuits, Sepanta enjoys music, poetry, soccer, and continuous learning.


Rostam Zafari, Co-Founder

Rostam Zafari,

As a co-founder of Nimruz, Rostam Zafari is fueled by a profound connection to his Iranian heritage and a commitment to catalyzing positive change.

Currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer for Sage Hill Investors, Rostam holds a pivotal role in shaping investments across a diverse portfolio, including public and private equities, real estate, and venture capital. With an impressive track record, he has spearheaded over 150 investments in purpose-driven companies and fund managers, spanning the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Africa.

In addition to his role at Sage Hill Investors, Rostam serves as the Executive Director of the World Within Foundation. This foundation is a force for impact investments and venture philanthropy, dedicated to fostering job creation and economic development within emerging markets.

With a background in poetry and social enterprise from Emory University, Rostam is uniquely positioned to drive change through art and education. Initiatives like Nimruz are a testament to his dedication to inspire and empower the Iranian community.

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