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Nimruz is proud to support the film, Bubjan.

‘Bubjan’ chronicles the journey of Parwiz Zafari, a former member of the Iranian parliament who dedicated his life to cultivating a progressive, modern, and free society in Iran - before the rise of the Islamic Republic eclipsed those aspirations in 1979, and forced him to leave behind everything he knew.

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Sepanta Mohseni &
Rostam zafari

“Nimruz is a place where the brilliance of the midday sun symbolizes the extraordinary potential hidden within each of us.”

“In the dark night, it shone like the sun
and filled the heart of the world with hope.”


که اندر شب تیره چون شید بود

جهان را از او دل پر امید بود


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our biggest inspiration in life has been the example of our grandfather. He helped raise us from a very young age. Like so many others, he was forced to escape from Iran when the revolution occurred. He taught us about our language, our history, and our epic poetry-- especially the legendary Book of Kings, Shahnameh.

He has kept Iran alive in our home, and in his heart. He taught us and the rest of his grandchildren about the beauty, power, and diversity of Iranian culture: our poetry, our art, our music. He taught us that our culture is the vessel that holds the most sacred treasures we possess: our ideals.

Freedom Āzādi.  Life Jān.  Wisdom Kherad.  Joy Shādi.  Hope Omid.  Generosity Dahesh.  Solidarity Hambastegi.

Iran is facing a dark time. It has faced dark times before. In these times, the people who come together to protect each other and uphold their ideals keep and have kept Iran alive. We founded Nimruz to unite those who cherish Iranian culture and ideals, and wish to serve the Iranian people, wherever they may be.

The word nimruz means “midday”, the point at which the sun is at its peak, and the most light shines on the land. Nimruz is also the name of a place in the Shahnameh where champions gather to protect the realm and all they hold dear. It is our hope that Nimruz can live up to its name, and that together we can reach our peak, shine our light, and celebrate what we love.

- Sepanta Mohseni & Rostam Zafari

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